Accu-Gage® tire gauges

Our best selling tire gauge!

Tire gauge for use with home or gas station air compressor

Save time - this tire gauge eliminates the need to switch back and forth between gauge and air compressor hose while inflating tires.

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$20.00 +S/H

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H Series tire gauges

Tire gauge available with straight, swivel angle, right angle or dual foot chuck. Right angle is great for motorcycles!
30, 60, 100, or 160 max. psi tire gauge
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S Series tire gauges

30, 60, 100, or 160 max. psi
tire gauge

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Valve stem extension - A must for hard-to-reach spare tires!

Works as an extension to your spare's valve stem making it more accessible.

One end of the extension hose screws on to the valve on the tire.
Place the other end in a convenient location - Use your tire gauge on this end to check pressure and inflate the tire when needed.
Once installed it is always ready to use.
Approx. 40"

#Z327 $6.00 +S/H

better gas mileage
longer tire life
improved handling
increased safety